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Many customer companies, especially in the automotive and chemical industries, value these young people as extremely intelligent, motivated and reliable employees - even if only during the semester breaks and holidays.

We are convinced that the good experiences of "our students" and our customers, among whom some world market leaders, will also result in successful connections in the internship sector. 

Specifically, the internship offers students the following opportunities:
- consolidation of theoretical knowledge in a practical environment
- development of one's own practical skills and specialist knowledge
- correct assessment of competences and recognition of individual
   learning fields
- getting to know theoretical concepts and thus combining theory
   and practice
- eliminating misconceptions about the chosen job profile

Labora GmbH has concentrated its internships on the following areas:
- tourism / Hotels / Gastronomy / Food industry
- information technology
- industry
- nursing care

The basic prerequisite for an internship in Germany is that the students have completed at least four semesters of their studies in their home country, are enrolled there and have to complete a compulsory intership.
The students clarify the requirements with the contact person responsible for international cooperation at their university/college and send the following documents to us.
- application
- curriculum vitae
- copy of identity card
- copy of student identity card
- certificate of enrolment
- copy of certificates , copy of driving license (if available)

The basic prerequisite for smooth communication is a good knowledge of German and / or English.

After checking the documents, we will contact the applicant. This is done using SKYPE or FaceTime video conferencing. We then support the applicant in applying for the visa and organising the trip. Labora organizes the transfer from the airport to the internship company and is free of charge for the applicant. The placement is free of charge for the intern. Accommodation, food and work clothes are provided free of charge by the internship company. The fees for the necessary insurance (health insurance, liability and accident insurance) are paid by Labora.

The interns work 40 hours a week and receive an internship allowance as expense allowance from the internship company.
In order to achieve the educational goals of the internship, the internship company conducts/organizes specialist seminars. In return, the trainee must keep a report booklet, which will be handed over on arrival. Upon successful completion of the internship, each intern will receive a certificate from the internship company and from Labora.


The Labora GmbH team has achieved a leading market position through quality, performance and fairness.

Our aim to achieve the best for the customer is the goal of the joint work.

Labora GmbH - the better alternative. 

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