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Despite digitalisation, there is a shortage of labour in many areas in Germany. The shortage is clearly evident in the skilled labour sector. With the internship project, Labora would like to contribute to mitigating this problem.
The interns are highly motivated foreign students who have already completed at least four semesters of their course of study in their home country and have to provide proof of a compulsory intership. The incentive for these highly motivated students is the interest in language and culture in the host country parallel to the learning of specialist knowledge. 

Decisive is the learning of practical abilities and the handling with innovative new technologies for the reaching of the study goal as basis for their later occupation way. Translated with

They are essentially dependent on the support of the internship companies, which in turn are reliably supported by the highly motivated interns .  

The expenses for companies that employ an intern are manageable and are a good investment to get to know potential skilled workers.  The internship companies provide accommodation, food and work clothes.  In addition, the interns are entitled to a monthly internship allowance to cover costs, which is also paid directly by the internship company. Labora bears the costs for the necessary insurance such as health, liability and accident insurance. 

Labora selects suitable applicants for you, proposes them to the company and then handles all the formalities.

Labora will invoice the company for the costs incurred in the form of a monthly lump sum.


The Labora GmbH team has achieved a leading market position through quality, performance and fairness.

Our aim to achieve the best for the customer is the goal of the joint work.

Labora GmbH - the better alternative. 

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